located in downtown Santa Cruz, I use research based therapy approaches assuring that your time in therapy is well spent.

I work collaboratively with clients to develop goals that will guide you to thrive in the ways that you seek.


Therapy offers you a safe, confidential place to collaboratively dialogue about your life journey.  therapy allows you the opportunity to Focus on the areas in your life you want to see improve.


Our journeys are unique & various aspects of our identity often impact why we seek therapy. Therapy goals vary and may include:

  • Feeling better and functioning at your best
  • Managing and coping with emotions more adaptively and healthily
  • Exploring identity development 
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Helping with self-concept and esteem
  • Achieving a greater understanding and perspective on life experiences
  • Finding passion in life

I offer individual therapy, group therapy and clinical supervision to new mental health professionals.

I'm happy to talk with you prior to scheduling an appointment to provide information about my approach and answer any questions you have about affording therapy or navigating health insurance.

Taking the first step can be the most difficult. Connect with me in whatever means is most comfortable for you - via email, phone, text.


“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you will go; they merely determine where you will start.” 
— nido qubein